QiPo - Overview

Create picture previews of your Quicktime movies and Flash animations.

What is QiPo?
QiPo stands for 'QuickTime In - Preview Out'. It processes QuickTime movies, even Flash animations, and creates an image containing sequential frames, including a preview of the movie.

Storyboard your movies and animations
With QiPo, it's very simple to have a storyboard of your movies and animations. Just drop the movie file over the QiPo windows and an image will be created with frames of the movie. This can be time based and sequentially selected.

It's fast. It even build web pages
QiPo is fast, easy and powerful. Batch processing and fully configurable layout as well as export options allow creating the preview you need. It also creates HTML pages to post your movie or animation previews on the Web with fully customizable templates.

QiPo runs on any computer with Windows 2000/XP or Mac OS X 10.1 and higher. QuickTime must be installed on the host computer to process the movies which can be freelydownloaded from Apple.com

Try before you buy
QiPo is shareware. You can try it for free before you buy it. Once you try the application and find it useful, you must purchase it. You will receive a serial number that unlocks many powerful features. Available only for registered users.

Buy Now
You can purchase QiPo at ourĀ web store. It costs US$ 20 for a single user license.