What is Mediata Survey?

Mediata Survey is an incredible and easy-to-use application that’s designed to create and analyze web-based surveys. You can assemble multi-page surveys with a variety of different questions and answers before analyzing the results using tools that are provided.

But Why Mediata Survey?

Royalty-Free Application
You can create as many surveys as you want for multiple Internet domains for just one single payment. No longer do you have to pay everytime that you want to create an additional survey for your site or create the same survey for additional domains. You will be able to save on both production costs and royalty fees.

Easy to Use
You do not have to be a web programmer or have a degree in computer design to create a survey. Mediata Survey does many of the tasks that a web programmer would have to do; therefore, no training or certifications are required to use.

Host Your Own Survey
Many survey programs will require you to subscribe to their host server, which can include monthly payments for use. Mediata Survey allows you to host the survey on whichever server that you would like to use either external or internal, saving you time, money, resources, and most of all, peace of mind.

We know that most users will be wary about purchasing before seeing how a program runs. That's why we offer a free trial for anyone looking to experience a sample of what the survey software can do. You can see first hand all of Mediata Survey's features before purchasing except only up to 10 submissions will be analyzed.

More Survey Design Options
Several survey software will only allow you to use certain kind of formatted questions such as either open questions with a text box or single-choice questions with radio buttons. With Mediata Survey, you will be able to have your choice of using as many questions as you want per page using either open-ended questions or closed questions such as single and multiple-choice or matrix questions. Options that give you more room in how to design your survey.