Send email to multiples destination

Forms To Go send the email with your custom message and field values to different TO, CC and BCC email addresses. Also, you can determine which email address receives the email based on a field value. Example: if you have a form with a popup menu requesting which department the user would like to contact: sales, technical support or customer service; then the email can be sent to any of those departments based on the user's selection.

Validate form's values

Getting the right values, like an email address or non empty fields, can help you collect valuable information on an HTML form. Forms To Go offers the possibility to validate field values with many different filters, like valid email address, postal code, telephone number format, credit cards and more.

Display validation error messages in the same HTML form

One of the most important features of Forms To Go is the ability to use the same HTML form to display the validation error messages, with the HTML form fields pre-filled with the user's values.

Dump field values to different databases

If you're required to save the field values in a database, Forms To Go offers the possibility to dump the field values to a text file or one of the most popular databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL and MS Access.

Accept File Uploads in your HTML forms

Don't waste the opportunity to receive files or documents from your users with the same HTML form. Forms To Go offers the possibility to attach the uploaded files to the email you'll receive or to save the files on your server's hard disk.

Secure that form: stop spam and form hijacking

Forms To Go scripts had been built with security in mind. The script filters any attempt from email injection and form hijacking, as well offer different options to avoid the script execution by IP address, HTTP referer and stop words.

Send a confirmation email

Commonly know as autoresponders, Forms To Go can create scripts that will send an email back to the user in text or HTML format and also can contain attached files, which can also be pre-selected based on the field values. Example: if the user requesting more information on your HTML form is interested on a specific product, then you can attach in the confirmation email the PDF brochure specific to that product.


Here is a list of features available in Forms To Go. Many of the features are only available to registered copies of the program.

• Create scripts in PHP, ASP or Perl

• Send a custom email to form's owner with all field values in Plain Text, HTML or Multipart Text & HTML

• Multiple TO email addresses

• Multiple CC and/or BCC email addresses

• Send email to different TO, CC and/or BCC based on field values

• Send thru email or store on your server's hard disk multiple file uploads from the form

• Add server and user environment values to the email

• Add extra email headers

• Support for the PHPMailer class

• Send a confirmation email (Autoresponder) in Plain Text, HTML or multipart Text & HTML

• Attach multiple files to the confirmation email

• Attach different files to the confirmation email based on field values

• Validate form's values by different types: numeric, characters, existent value, email, postal code, credit card & more

• Dump field values to a text file

• Dump field values to a MySQL table (PHP and Perl only)

• Dump field values to a PostgreSQL table (PHP and Perl only)

• Dump field values to a Microsoft Access table (ASP only)

• Web browser script for MySQL and PostgreSQL dumps (PHP and Perl only)

• Dump extra values like: Date, Time, IP Address and User's Browser

• Show error validation messages in result pages or the same HTML form

• Show field values in result pages

• Limit the number of submissions from the same IP address

• Filter script execution based on an IP address

• Filter script execution based on the HTTP referer

• Filter script execution based on stop words

• Access control with CAPTCHA (PHP only)


Download Version 4.5.4 (All in One Installer: Free Trial, Full Version, Upgrade)


Before downloading and installing Forms To Go 4.5.4, check that your license has not expired as of March 7, 2011 in Forms To Go application under About Forms To Go > Licenses. If your license has expired, purchase another year of updates to stay current.


You are AWSOME! I am a graphic designer for print media with very little knowledge of programming or website design.

I purchased your program today and created PHP script to use with an html form (created in Dreamweaver) that required the information to be sent to several emails and include a user attached photo.

I had a little problem at first (I even sent you a help request) but it was because of my server, GoDaddy, required Linux based hosting to use PHP. Once I changed that -- your script WORKED PEFECTLY!!!!

I know I will use your program a lot in the future and I look forward to updates. THANKS for making the easy for a lay person to setup.